Lockdown Date Nights

So how are we all doing this lovely lockdown? I think my kids are trying to drive me into a slow decent into insanity, safe to say I was not made for home schooling! However it can be a trying time for couples too. Stuck inside, nowhere to go, nothing to do, it can definitely be a catalyst for some arguments over the next who knows how long. My other half and I are planning on making a date night jar, full of fun ideas we can do at home. Here's some ideas we came up with that you can try out too!

  • Movie night - Why not grab the duvet, light some candles, and snuggle up to a film together. With the many platforms available for streaming (I have just discovered Disney+, it's time to do the chronological order of the Marvel movies). You could be specific, and add certain genres for each night.

  • Question time - So we did this the other night and it was really fun. We both added a bunch of questions on folded bits of paper to a box, and took turns picking one out to answer. It had everything from silly to sexy questions, would you rather, top 5 lists, and life stuff. It was great getting to know each other again, as well as have some giggles along the way.

  • Get in the kitchen - Cooking together can be a lot of fun. Whether its making tapas, a three course meal, or baking a cake, using your skills together can be a great will to build your bond of teamwork and cooperation. And yes, I know right now thanks to the covidiots panic buying, there isn't a whole lot to choose from on the shelves, but that makes it more fun as you can both let your creative juices get flowing!

  • Board game bonanza - Everyone loves a board game or two, it can be a great way to show off your trivia skills and have a laugh (unless you play Monopoly, that always ends badly for me). You could even put a fun bet on for the winner. Or why not get a bit more saucy and break out the playing cards for a bit of strip poker ;)

  • Work up a sweat - No, not like that, put the dirty mind away. One of the biggest issues about being stuck in is lack of exercise. Why not workout together? You could go hard with some intensity training videos, or take it slow with some couples yoga (which is also great for getting close and personal with your partner).

  • Video games are for grown-ups too - Dig out the N64, pull out the Playstation, unleash the Wii. Have some fun playing against your partner on your favourite games. We've been loving Mario Kart battles (I won) and the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games on the Wii and Switch (my arms are still aching though).Once again, make a fun prize for the winner!

  • Learn a language - Now, if like me you are already planning the holiday of all holidays for when this is over, why not learn the language of your chosen destination together. Learning a language is far easier when using it in conversation, and you'll be one step ahead for when you finally reach your dream vacation.

  • Look up to the stars - You may not be able to go far, but you can still head to your garden. Why not take advantage by popping on some warm clothes, taking out some blankets, and cuddling up under the stars for a bit of stargazing. Try and find different constellations, make a wish on a shooting star if you are lucky to catch a glimpse, and admire the beauty of the moon.

And there are so many more things you can get up to! Karaoke night, drawing together, an indoor picnic, dance the night away to your favourite songs, whatever you want. Enjoy the time together before life picks up speed again, and you have less time to be a couple.


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