Sustainable Wedding Tips

Today around the world, people are celebrating Earth Day. So to celebrate, we are gonna be giving you lots of tips and tricks to help you create you own sustainable wedding and do your part to help the planet whilst having the day of your dreams.

The Venue

1. Try to find a local venue that offers sustainable practices such as recycling and composting. If you can, use a venue for both the ceremony and reception to lower road emissions.

2. Why not offer a coach service for your guests. This will cut down the number of vehicles travelling to your event, and means everyone can get between venues if ceremony and reception are in different places, and also means less emissions from less vehicles.

The Decor

3. Use organic materials for your decor. Choose eco-friendly fabrics like bamboo for your linen. Swap disposable napkins for cloth. Use leaves as place cards (not only do they look beautiful, but they help cut down on paper use).

4. Get upcycling! Why not use your empty bottles and give them a new look for a stylish centrepiece? I am very fond of the reuse of gin bottles, and not just because I love gin. You can use jars for candleholders as a way to create natural lighting.

5. Buy used wedding items. There is a treasure trove of second hand wedding things available. Not only does this cut down on waste to landfill, it means you might also find something quirky for your day. Check out places like Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, Preloved, and eBay.

The Flowers

6. Research your flower suppliers to find someone who has sustainable practices in their store. If you will be DIY-ing your flowers, look for wholesalers who practice farm-to-table flowers.

7. Use live plants instead of cut flowers. Not only will they look incredible still, but you can reuse them around your own home, or donate them to local care homes and community projects.

The Invitations

8. Save the trees and opt for digital invites or save the dates.

9. If you do choose to have paper invitations, ensure they are made from recycled materials. Or better yet, opt for seed paper so your guests can plant a memory of your big day as well as provide flowers for bees and other insects.

10. Have a fabulous wedding website! It is a great way to keep all the wedding info in one place for guests, give you a place to allow guests to RSVP without the need of more wasted paper, and lets you get creative!

The Dress

11. Buy a pre-loved dress. Not only will you get your dress at a far cheaper price, it cuts down on waste. And it also means you can find a more unique or vintage style for your day.

12. Want a new dress? Why not hire it instead. In reality, who is gonna wear their dress again. Save money, save the planet, hire a dress.

13. Still want to buy a new dress? Opt for eco-friendly designers for you outfit.

The Wedding Meal

14. If your food is not provided by the venue, find a caterer who uses local suppliers for their produce. Not only are you supporting local businesses but you are also cutting down on emissions used for produce transportation.

15. Swap disposable crockery and cutlery for a hire service. There are plenty around that offer everything you'll need, and you can get some really cool options to make your meal look unique.

16. Still want disposable options? Go for biodegradable. Use bamboo or compostable options for your plates and cutlery. Swap your plastic straws for recyclable or biodegradable options.

17. Go vegan! (I Know, I said the V-word). Not only will cutting the meat out of your meal be better for the environment and cut down on the carbon footprint of your big day, vegan food is incredibly tasty!

The Favours

18. There are a ton of cute ideas you can use for favours using seeds. Wildseed packets, seed bombs, birdseed hangers, and lots more. Eco-friendly and you can even get customised seed packets to give them their own personal touch.

19. Swap nasty plastic confetti for beautiful eco-friendly choices. I am a massive fan of flower petal confetti, the colours and smell are always a bonus.

20. Making a sweet treat for your guests? Choose recyclable packaging such a small glass jars or recycled paper bags. If you a clear bag option, look for bags made of cellulose that can be composted.

21. Scrap the favour for a charitable donation to a local eco-friendly charity, giving back to your community.

And a few more...

22. Download you wedding planning books instead of buying. You can use the Kindle app to take them everywhere with you too so you can plan on the go.

23. Don't print it, go digital! Keep all your suppliers, contracts, organisation and lists all in one place using options like Google Drive and Dropbox.


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