Witchcraft and Weddings

Little do a lot of people know, but I am a big lover of witchcraft, and am a Celestial/Green witch.No, we don't have black hats, warts and huge cauldrons to cook children in (although we do have little cauldrons for spells which I can assure no children can fit inside). And since being open about my spiritual beliefs, I was pleasantly surprised to see so many witches in my community! So this little post today is a tiny wee insight into some of the rituals seen in the joining of two in the magick community.

The Ceremony

Many still use the practice of handfasting in their day, an ancient tradition which sees the two being wed have their hands bound together with ribbon or cord. This symbolises the unity of love between the two and is a ceremony many humanist celebrants offer even now.

Couples may also choose to 'jump the broom', where at the end of the ceremony the couple literally jumps over a broom. The broom is symbolic of sweeping away their former lives apart, and jumping over symbolises jumping into their new adventure as spouses.


Flowers area big part of witchcraft, they are used around the home, in spells, and various other magickal practices. As a part green witch, i am often told my house looks like a jungle, but I do love my many plants (I have far). And there are certain flowers that are often used to symbolise the day. Roses are particularly popular as a symbol of love, as well as warding off evil. Geranium boosts fertility and love. Jasmine encourages love, harmony, and sensuality (as seen on the image below adorn the base of the cake).

The Full Moon Effect

A full moon is a powerful planetary body, controlling not only our tides, but our emotions. There are many full moons each year, each with their own name.

The full moon is the best time to get married if you can time it, gracing your union with romance and blissfulness. Getting married under the full moon means that the yin and yang energy of your union are equal just as the solar and lunar yin and yang are equal. It will give your union balance. Another great reason is, thanks to the moon applifying the emotions of people, it can enhance the feelings of love in your guests and leave your wedding a memorable event for all those attending.

So there's just a tiny little insight, I'll be delving deeper into the amazing world of witchcraft and weddings over time. Thanks for stopping by!


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